The Universal Paid Leave Amendment Act has passed -

Now help us protect it!

Last December the DC Council voted in favor of paid family and medical leave for all. Within just a few months, the program is already under attack from big business. The campaign isn’t over yet: now we need to make sure the District doesn't water down our program!

Unfortunately, our law is still at a high risk of being repealed and replaced. Some time in September or October, there will be a hearing to debate replacement legislation, and we want to keep the pressure up to protect the Universal Paid Leave Act. You can sign up to testify in this upcoming hearing! Please sign up here or share this link with anyone you know who might want to:

In the meantime, you can join our weekly phone calls to members of the DC Council. #PaidLeave4DC call-in days happen EVERY Friday! These calls make a difference. Sign up here:

Our paid family and medical leave program will help the District care for the people we love, get well when we're seriously ill, and earn the money we need, when life happens.

 We must keep the program from being replaced by a watered-down version that leaves out DC’s most struggling families. Big industry lobbyists are gunning for the replacement, but we have the people power to push back and win –– again. 

DC already passed the law and allocated the necessary start-up funds in next year's budget , now it's time to protect our law from being repealed and replaced!

Why #PaidLeave4DC?

No one should be forced to make impossible choices between caring for the people we love and earning the money we need. With a paid family and medical leave program in DC we can improve workplace standards and ensure that families have the financial stability they need when life happens!

Being there when your loved ones need you — or when you need you — is not negotiable!