UPDATED: UPLA vs the Alternatives

There's been a slew of new repeal-and-replace legislation in the DC Council. Don't fret -- we know some of this info is hard to keep track of, so we've developed two new resources for you:

The first is an in-depth document containing Frequently Asked Questions about UPLA and the proposed alternatives.

The second is a nifty excel sheet that compares UPLA to all other proposed alternatives, including the Paid Leave Compensation Act of 2017 (introduced by CMs Evans, Cheh, and Gray), the Universal Paid Leave Compensation for Workers Amendment Act of 2017 (introduced by CMs Gray and Evans), Large Employer Paid-Leave Compensation Act of 2017 (introduced by CM Evans), the Universal Paid Leave Amendment Act of 2017 (introduced by CM Cheh), and the Universal Paid Leave Pay Structure Amendment Act of 2017 (introduced by Chairman Mendelson).

If you haven't already, please sign up to testify in the upcoming DC Council hearing about repealing and replacing UPLA. The hearing will take place in September or October 2017.