The Universal Paid Leave Amendment Act has passed!

Huge thanks to the DC Council for support paid leave for all. Our paid family and medical leave program will help the District care for the people we love, get well, and earn the money we need, when life happens.

But we're not done. We need to make sure that the DC implements a strong program.

Why #PaidLeave4DC?

No one should be forced to make impossible choices between caring for the people we love and earning the money we need. With a paid family and medical leave program in DC we can improve workplace standards and ensure that families have the financial stability they need when life happens!

Being there when your loved ones need you — or when you need you — is not negotiable!

Now it's up to us to make sure that this program gets implemented.

We're so proud of the work YOU have done to power and lead this historic campaign for paid family and medical leave in Washington, D.C. Help us implement the strongest possible program - for our families, our businesses, and the entire District.

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