Sam Jewler’s parents reflect:

“Though I worked for a nonprofit company with liberal policies, paternity leave was not available to me when Sam was very young. My own father worked six days a week in his corner grocery store and was not as available to his children as we or he would have liked. I resolved to spend as much time with Sam as possible and share in his upbringing.”

-Len Jewler, Sam’s dad

“Actually, Dad did take off two weeks early in your life—presumably as vacation leave.  His presence/assistance was invaluable, and it would have been terrific if he could have stayed home longer, both because new parenthood is exhausting, physically, emotionally, and mentally; and because he and Sam would have bonded in a somewhat different way if he had been as constant in his life as I was (until I went back to work, of course, when Sam was three months old—way too soon!).”

-Andrea Rosen, Sam’s mom