I am currently going through treatment for Breast Cancer and it has been a rough road. I have dedicated myself to the District Government for over 18 years - and what kind of support have I received? Nothing. I worked through chemo when my body allowed me to, I worked everyday and left to have radiation during my lunch break and returned to work. I had a mastectomy in November 2015 and was right back to work in January because I had no leave and couldn't afford to do leave with no pay. I still have three children at home. I am scheduled to have surgery again on February 15th and don't know what I'm going to do because I don't have leave so I've been walking around my office begging people to donate their leave to me. I have even provided documentation requesting to work from home two days a week, but nothing has been done. Now, what if this was you or your family member? My body has not been able to heal completely because I have had no real time off and now I'm suffering from lymphodema, neuropathy, cellulitis and everyday all day pain.