As a Washingtonian and current resident and District of Columbia government employee, being able to use 8 weeks of Paid Family Leave with each of my daughters, beginning in 2014 offered my princesses an opportunity to have their father home and, it offered my wife rest as she reduced her schedule with her employer and was the primary care taker. Being able to bond with my young daughters and provide them with the love, support and care was an amazing experience. I am so grateful for that invaluable time, when I compare our family leave to other countries (i.e. United Kingdom, Vietnam, Canada, Ireland, Iran) and so many others, I can’t help but think about the lack of time we have to spend with our new and developing children. Maximizing these precious moments is something that the 16-week Paid Family Leave could bring into fruition. It’s not only something that would eliminate possible stress for young families but it would also allow them to place money that has now been saved (not having to pay for a nanny) into the District of Columbia’s 529 College Plan. The options are endless. This would be a step in the right direction that would continue to encourage and empower family’s to support their great city, The District of Columbia.