It's official: #PaidLeave4DC is moving forward.

If we're being honest, the past week and a half has been pretty nervewracking. This was the Mayor's veto window; she had the option to reject our bill, and send it back to the Council for reconsideration.

But we're thrilled to say that, as of last night, she declined to do so. This means that #PaidLeave4DC is moving forward, and the Universal Paid Leave Act is going to become law.

Many sincere thanks to the Council for bringing the bill to this point, and to the Mayor for hearing the will of the people. And of course, biggest thanks of all to YOU, our community, for your relentless hard work over the last two years. YOU ensured this victory, for all our families, every step of the way - including many last-minute calls and emails this past week.

The work's not quite done, though: now it's implementation time, and we're going to secure a strong, robust program. Join us.